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Wanda Film is the world's largest movie group by revenue. It includes movie production, distribution, exhibition and Qingdao Movie Metropolis. It owns AMC, Odeon & UCI, Wanda and other cinema chains, and 1,352 cinemas globally with a total of 14,347 screens, accounting for 12% of global box office.

Wanda Cinema Line

Wanda Cinema Line ( 002739.SZ ) has 447 cinemas and 3,947 screens. It is China’s largest cinema chain.The equipments and services of Wanda Cinema represent the highest standards of China's five-star cinemas.Wanda Cinema Line has over 80 million members - the largest of its kind in the world. Spending from members accounts for more than 90% of total consumption.More than 80% of Wanda Cinema Line's box office takings are derived from online channels.

AMC Entertainment

 AMC, a majority-owned subsidiary of Wanda Group, is the largest movie theater chain in the United States and also in the world with 8,200 screens in 661 theatres across the United States, capturing a market share of 24%.

Carmike Cinemas

 Carmike Cinemas was the fourth largest movie theater in the United States until acquired by AMC. It has 276 theaters with 2,954 screens in the country.

Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group

 Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group is the largest cinema chain in Europe with 2,200 screens in 244 theaters, mostly at prime locations across European cities. It has a market share of 20% in the European cinema market and was acquired by AMC for 921 million pounds.

Hoyts Cinema, Australia

 Wanda’s Hoyts Cinema is the second largest cinema chain operator in Oceania, owning 52 cinemas and 424 screens.

Wanda Pictures

 Wanda Pictures has the highest box office takings of any private companies in China and invests in more than 10 films each year.

Wuzhou Film Distribution

 Wuzhou Film Distribution is one of the largest distribution companies in China. It engages in film distribution and marketing campaign.

Qingdao Movie Metropolis

 Located in the western part of Qingdao and funded with an investment of 50 billion yuan, the Qingdao Movie Metropolis is the world's largest investment of its kind in the film industry. 30 billion yuan of the project’s investment has been allocated towards the development of cultural tourism. Occupying an area of 3.76 million square meters and a total gross floor area of 5.4 million square meters, the Qingdao Movie Metropolis is a large mixed-use film industry development that encompasse Wanda Studios Qingdao, a film exhibition center, a Wanda Mall, a number of hotels and resorts, a yacht club, a bar street, an international hospital, an international school and other projects. The 200-hectare Wanda Studios Qingdao is the world’s first large film studio that combines film production, film exhibition and tourism experience.

Legendary Entertainment

Wanda Group acquired Legendary Entertainment for $3.5 billion. Legendary is a leading film production company in the US that owns film, television, digital and comics divisions. It has grossed more than $12 billion worldwide at the box office.Legendary has delivered many of the world's blockbusters, including the Batman trilogy, Inception, The Hangover,Jurassic World, and more.