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Internet Technology Group

Wanda Internet Technology Group is building China’s only “physical business”+Internet open platform. It has FFan Technology, 99Bill, Credit Rating Company, Online Lending Company, Big Data and other companies. It uses big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, business technology solutions and other technologies to realize digital transformation of physical business and provide new experiences for consumers.

Intelligent Business

Internet Technology Group is committed to applying advanced Internet technologies and products to physical business to build the world's largest physical business + Internet platform through network construction, intelligent hardware, innovative marketing and more.

FFan Pay

FFan Pay has payment, travel, urban service, citizen servies and other functions, to provide users with safe, fast and intelligent experiences, and already has 83 million users.

Internet Finance

Internet Finance relies on offline businesses, and uses big data, intelligent analysis and other Internet technologies to provide consumer finance, wealth management and supply chain finance services to enterprises and individuals.

Global Merchants Platform

Global Merchants Platform is based on Internet and big data technologies. It provides businesses with investment opportunities and site selection through intelligent recommendation, site selection assistant, VR store watching, 3D indoor maps and other innovative products.

Digital Assets Exchange

Digital Assets Exchange is based on the latest block chain technology. It builds a new business model based on the value exchange, realizes the digital rights appreciation of users and enhances the business efficiency of businesses.

Innovation Technology

Innovation Technology is the most forward-looking scientific and technical research center, to conduct researches on artificial intelligence, decentralized distributed computing, Internet of things, quantitative investment, block chain, virtual reality (VR) / augmented reality (AR) / mixed reality (MR) and other advanced technologies.

Cloud Computing Center

Cloud Computing Center provides computing and data services to enterprises and public services, and has obtained the internationally recognized highest standard Uptime Tier IV certification.