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Employee Benefits

Wanda greatly values its people. The group's headcount now stands at 156,000. All members of management have a bachelor's degree or higher, with over 50% holding either a master's degree or doctorate. The average age of management staff is 39. A good career development platform and working environment coupled with competitive remuneration and a unique corporate culture are the ingredients for Wanda's excellent cohesiveness.


Wanda Institute is one of China’s leading corporate training institutes. Senior and mid-level managers receive training here each year. The institute enables Wanda’s employees to raise their abilities as well as their incomes.


Wanda Group has a unique seniority-based wage system. Under this system, an employee's annual salary increases by 1,200 yuan with each year of service. This means an employee will receive a raise of 6,000 yuan based solely on seniority after five years of service.


Wanda Group has won the CCTV Employer of the Year Award, ranked No. 1 among enterprises on the list. Wanda outscored other participating Chinese enterprises by a big margin in employee approval for three categories – company outlook, corporate culture and corporate image.


The All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions named Wanda Chairman Wang Jianlin China's Outstanding EmployeeFriendly Private Entrepreneur.