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Wanda Commercial Management Group is the world’s largest commercial property management firm, with a management and operations scope that covers the entire Wanda Plaza property portfolio in China. WCM has set a world record in the industry by achieving a 99% rent collection and payment rate for the past 11 consecutive years. The Group possesses abundant commercial resources and robust organizational competencies, which ensure the success of each Wanda Plaza – whether in a downtown area or a new development zone – and has enabled Wanda to maintain its position as a forerunner in the commercial property sector.


Wanda Commercial Management has a large army of more than 30,000 professionals specialized in project positioning, business planning, business invitation & operation, commercial property management, mechanical equipment maintenance as well as fire safety.


Wanda Commercial Management has built strategic partnership with more than 10,000 Chinese and foreign brands and merchants. Ffan's annual conference is the largest, the highest-end and the most influential gathering in China’s commercial and Internet sectors, attended by more than 45,000 representatives from some 10,000 domestic and international brands and 1,000 commercial projects.


HuiYun Intelligent Management System, the world’s largest and most advanced management system for commercial buildings, is independently developed by Wanda Group. Integrated with 16 secondary systems dedicated to fire safety, energy distribution and foot traffic management, the system can be used to manage large public buildings like commercial plazas, cultural centers and entertainment squares. 


Wanda Group has also developed information platforms to facilitate management of its commercial asset leasing business, marketing activities, merchant services as well as budget appropriations. These platforms have covered its business operations, allowing the group to set up standard procedures to monitor and manage its businesses.