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Wanda Kids Entertainment

Integrating children education, entertainment, gourmet and retail in one place, Wanda Kidsplace Group, owning 182 Kidsplace Parks and 51 Kidsplace Early Education Clubs across China, is the world's largest children's entertainment franchise with IP creation, promotion and spinoffs as its core business.

IP creation and promotion

Wanda Kidsplace Group has independently developed cartoon IP images “Octonauts” that gained 15 billion of playbacks in 2017.


Wanda Kidsplace Group has independently developed IP-related products, and engaged in franchising and licensing, forming a full-cycle IP industry chain.

Kidsplace Park

Wanda Kidsplace Park, as the heaven of joy for children, creates IP cartoon-themed atmosphere and provides kids with colorful, fun and diversified immersive experiences.

Early Education Club

Wanda Kidsplace Early Education Club helps kids develop comprehensively with games that integrate with elements of music, sports, training of thinking and social interactions.